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“AFTER RUST” is a solo piece based on the question: “what is the next stage after rust?” It explores what happens to a material after rusting, by focusing on physical and mental rust on human body and mind. 

When I created AFTER RUST was the year I turned 30 years old. I had been feeling that my body was kind of rusting and deteriorating for the past few years because I had been choreographing and teaching more than dancing. I wanted to come face to face with this rust, and re-focus on my own body and language as an artist. 

During the research, I found out that it is more natural for any metals to be rusty than shiny. The shiny state of metals we see in our daily life doesn’t exist naturally. The metals are more likely to be oxidized in the nature. Is it the same for my body that it wants to go back to its natural state? If so, can this feeling of rustiness be just a stage of evolution? 

AFTER RUST is the hope for my own body. 



8th June 2018, Sibiu, Romania

Chorepgraphy /Set Design /Text / Performer

Ryu Suzuki

Original Lighting Design

Yann Becker



30 minutes

Supported by

eltanin, NPO alfalfa, Centre Choréographique National de Rillieux-la-Pape


Jumi Hashidate, HY, Kenji Suzuki, Ryoko Michiyo, Ayane Nakano, Haruko Tomaki, Sym’s Ballet


Special Thanks

Madoka Kobayashi, Tibault Desaules, Julie Charbonnier, Kako Yamaguchi

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