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never thought it would

"never thought it would" is a solo created for a triple bill performance of Dance Base Yokohama.

The word 'Planet' comes from a Greek word 'Planetes' which means 'wonderer'. It is said to have originated from the fact that the planet's orbital movements appeared as if it were wandering in the sky when seen from Earth as it continued to orbit the star.

Pina Bausch said, "Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost." But I am no longer aware of why I am dancing, or where I had started or where I am going. The only thing I know is where I have gone through.

All I can do is to continue to fall from the present as if I am falling form the edge of the cliff, like a planet .


December 2021, Aichi Prefectural Art Theatre (Aichi, Japan)



21 minutes



Ryu Suzuki (Dance Base Yokohama)


Tatsuki Amano


Set Design

Kenshiro Miyano


Haruto Niwa (Dance Base Yokohama)


Shinya Watanabe

Lighting Concept

Ludo Takebe




Eri Karatsu (Aichi Prefectural Art Theatre/Dance Base Yokohama)

Production Manager

Yoshinori Sekoguchi (Aichi Prefectural Art Theatre/Dance Base Yokohama)

Lighting Coordinator

Masakazu Ito

​Sound Design

Norimasa Ushikawa


Nozomi Tanaka (Dance Base Yokohama)


Planned and Produced by

Dance Base Yokohama


Co-produced by

Dance Base Yokohama and Aichi Prefectural Art Theatre

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