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on a windy day

"on a windy day" focuses on the bond between people in the industry of Tosa Washi, a Japanese traditional paper manufacturer. It is a collaborative work of dance, theatre and the traditional craftsmanship of Tosa Washi.

"The encounter between the contemporary dance and the traditional craftsmanship of Tosa-washi (Traditional paper of Kochi prefecture) artisan has created a new magnet-like attraction and connection between the tradition and the present."

--- Takashi Ito (Session House Director)


"’ON A WINDY DAY’ has rebelled against the long-standing traditional culture and the concept of Tosa-washi, and has brought a new value to life as an outstanding display of performing arts. The Washi has come to life, and danced, with rhythmic movement of wind and the warmth of the performers. The fusion between history and the present, Japanese and Western, has created a unique space, and an enjoyable moment.”

--- Soichiro Kitamura (Actor)


"Through this performance, we can see not only the positive side of handing down traditions, but also the distortions, the sadness, and the mixed memories of love and hate. We can understand all of this clearly through Ayumi’s body. The pain accentuates the beauty of the Washi."

---Takemi Koike (Writer and Director)


27th August 2016, Takogura Theatre(Kochi, Japan)

Chorepgraphy /Set Design

Ryu Suzuki


Ayumi Hamada, Kanako Yamamoto, Yoichi Kanasaki, Ryu Suzuki


60 minutes


Hiroko Matsui

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