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I am fascinated by the existence of ghosts. Seeing the ghosts in stories and paintings, spewing out their grudges and sorrows without any discernment, it gives me a sense akin to longing.

Perhaps in the past, ghosts were a tool to achieve anonymity, like avatars in the modern virtual world. By letting the ghosts speak for them, they were able to pour out the emotions and words that had sunk so deep into their hearts, letting out anonymous screams.

On the other hand, we live in an age where our bodies are losing substance. We are becoming a ghost. If a disembodied substitute can express ourselves more authentically, what is the purpose of the bodies that exist in reality?

Proxy is an embodied statement made by the material bodies of the dancers.


December 2021 (Aichi Prefectural Art Theater)

Direction / Choreography

Ryu Suzuki (Dance Base Yokohama)



Kotoha Ito, Yura Sugiura, Taito Suzuki, Himari Soejima,
Genki Matsuyama, Reo Yamada


Frank Bretschneider, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach

Music Editor

Naoto Oka


Haruto Niwa (Dance Base Yokohama)

Doll Design / Construction

Odette Picaud

Lighting Design

Ludo Takebe


Kazuki Sugai

Rehearsal Director

Nobuyoshi Asai


Eri Karatsu (Aichi Prefectural Art Theater / Dance Base Yokohama)


Production Manager

Yoshinori Sekoguchi (Aichi Prefectural Art Theater)


Lighting Coordinator

Masakazu Ito (RYU)

Sound Design

Norimasa Ushikawa


Nozomi Tanaka (Dance Base Yokohama),
Aki Sugiura (Dance House KOGANE 4422)

Planned and Produced by

Dance Base Yokohama

Co-produced by

Dance Base Yokohama and Aichi Prefectural Art Theater Residency



Dance House KOGANE 4422

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